How does one ensure a brand identity continues to evolve creatively even after eight years? We are convinced, the fewer the elements, the greater the possibilities. A few thoughts based on KONTEXTPLAN.

KONTEXTPLAN is a «think tank» for traffic planning, strategy and mobility. Our collaboration began in 2008 with the launch of their brand identity. After eight years and a Corporate Design Award in 2009, not much has changed – except that consistency and satisfaction prevails. From their three locations, we continue to receive orders for episodic products such as invitations, leaflets, brochures and more.

Learning’s from our collaboration: Travel light, loose the «ballast» and give your brand identity some forethought. By this we mean a brand that works in all directions is ideally reduced. The challenge is to create fireworks from very little. By doing so, excess elements will not dictate the direction your brand takes; context and great ideas will.

«Last minute inquiry (which is the case with us) is implemented reliably and with suppleness, always with the goal in mind. I never lacked anything.»
– Matthias Reitze, Partner, Head of Project Development

Branding is not a one-off exercise. Each concept should cater for future needs and pursue new and relevant waters. We never know exactly what is coming next, but we need to be prepared. This characteristic distinguishes a partner from being simply an executing agency.