Website reorganisation does not always apply to the obvious. Updating sites to 2.0 standards acquire technical background work without unsettling the front. Said and done with Schnieper architects.

Architecture is also a term applied to web design and programming. Referents such as ‘Home’ bring our craft in combination with the profession and the information architecture of a website plays a decisive role.

An important component in building a website is the question of which device the end-user will operate when viewing a site. Nowadays, increasingly more people navigate the web on the ‘go’, for which reason the principle «Mobile first» applies.

«[Architecture is] the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole.»

We transpose this quote by Leon Battista Alberti from 1452 to the Schnieper website to set an example of its relevance.

The Schnieper 1.0 website, also designed and programmed by S&B, initially went online in 2005. The technological progress over the years meant; new ways of communicating and content allocation were asked for. In short, optimisation of the site was required. We were commissioned to evaluate and accompany the design process as well as carry out its implementation. Technically the site has been brought up to date and now meet the newest requirements such as responsive design and the all-important high-resolution of images.

Again, web revision does not always apply to the obvious. Crucial backend details change while the overall picture retains its harmony. So, you need not demolish the entire building and erect a new one, sometimes a backend upgrade suffices, which not least, conserves resources and expenditure.