Wohnidee in Lucerne is a flagship when it comes to furniture, interior design and consulting in Central Switzerland. Thanks to their redesigned and responsive website, living ideas are only a touch away. And yet, the physical location remains their strongest marketing tool.

We wondered: Where does the furniture experience begin? At home? Possibly. We suspect the experience await us beyond our four walls. Visiting a couple of friends, sitting on their stylish couch the inevitable question arise «Where did you get this splendid specimen? It’s awesome!» We are not isolated, but social beings that like to express our opinion on everything – also furniture.

Advice and service on demand

Back home you sit down on the old couch and begin to explore. Reluctant to rise from the cosiness you subconsciously embarked on a spot of online shopping. Consulting, services, products, etc., must be found online and readily accessible. Based on your criteria’s a product finder gather the matching goods, questions should be simultaneously answered via live chat and much more. The new Wohnidee website contains all of these features, but still, the physical location remain their strongest sales promotion workhorse.

Back to experiences

As suggested above, humans crave confirmation and experiences. Entering the historic design house in Lucerne, one is greeted by real people and eight floors of inspiration. Conversations with experts are focused and immediate, questions are answered, design options presented and a freshly brewed cuppa served; a bit like home. And precisely due to this, 3D room planner apps will remain secondary. Nice to play with, but they still remain a gimmick.

Reality vs. digital

At S&B we enjoy technical gismos but we remain close to our clients and their needs. A gismo is valuable only if it supports the established sales process. The coexistence of digital and face-to-face services cover the different stages of a sales process, create credibility and help support the different buying behaviours.

«It is very exciting to realise projects with S&B. If I feel misunderstood, I say so. The dialogue is absolutely right!»
– André Küchler-Imfeld, managing director and proprietor

Finally, the ultimate vote of confidence to purchase furniture within this price segment is sealed through good old honesty. Whether this will continue to be the case 10 years down the road – only time will tell.