S&B were invited to pitch for a new restaurant by Wirzhaus AG and was chosen from five participating agencies. The brand identity for MILL'FEUILLE speaks for itself with special features and high quality materials. The new catering concept became a modern yet timeless style with plenty of room for adaptation.

Speaking of space: Especially exciting was the collaboration with architect Carol Egger of STUDIO 12 GmbH. From the beginning, the exchange was made possible, so that elements of the brand could be incorporated to the interior and vice versa.

For instance, the recurring lined grid was resumed on the cladding of the bar and the use of brass (material and colour) on all graphic materials.

«Design and architecture is to date perceived as a whole by both clients and staff. Complete was also the work of S&B: creative and precise till the end and very human as well.»
– Samuel Vörös, Partner Wirzhaus AG

The goal was to provide consistency, rather than to impose. A synchronised branding allows for a customer experiences – from mouse click to door handle. The restaurant MILL’FEUILLE remains unmistakable and is in its own rights already a brand.