More and more procedures are supported by digital solutions and in some cases even fully automated. Management tools do administrative work almost by itself. Which role does design play within this standardised process? An example with blgp architects.

«The term ‘Digital Transformation’ is a continuous change in the business models, of business processes and customer interaction in the context of new information and communication technologies.»
– Study ‘Digital Transformation in Switzerland’ (Oct 2014), KPMG

Digital management tools do more than to-do lists and time recording. Stored data can within seconds generate documents such as invoices and quotations and be passed on without further processing. Most of these tools are customisable and can be fed with a company’s brand identity.

Focus on functionality

Iblgp architects continuously synchronised the design elements of their identity to retain consistency. The team members of the multiple award-winning architectural firm regularly create extensive documentations and reports, as well as minutes, quotations and invoices.

The latter is automated via their management tools. blgp architects work with DELTAproject, a management and project management tool specifically for the construction industry.

Adaptation within means

With regard to the parameters of the tool we created a layout, including typography and design elements into a templates – one layout, one structure. Certain compromises are inevitable, but these are accepted in return of efficient handling, because, the automation offers our client, unique and measurable benefits.

The blgp architects brand identity received the Red Dot Design Award 2012 and was nominated for the German Design Award in, 2014.