We lend an ear before responding with solutions, and place relevance before style. Our goal is to make brands coherent and understandable. For a credible presence, that interests. Simple honesty.

Since 2002 we develop identities, packaging and digital solutions for local and international clients. 64% of these clients work with us for the past 8 years. Why? Because we share the same convictions.

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Focus is the essence of our work.
We concentrate on your situation, capture the quintessence and create solutions that underline these. All, to ensure your message is well received.

We steer clear of standardised procedures as every client has a different starting point. This way we can also keep processes dynamic and focused. Whichever way: First we listen.

Why the egg? Easy-peasy.

Christopher Columbus tapped an egg to make it stand. «I could have done that.» So why didn’t you do so? Would have, could have, should have.

The egg symbolises the simple solution whose wit is revealed only in the implementation: appropriate and strikingly simple.

Columbus, our man.


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